Picvie BizPro – In the service of Healthcare Professionals, Part 1

This is Part-1 of the 2-part series.

Misinformed patient in the age of Internet

The internet provides a wealth of information for patients and consumers of healthcare services. However, due to the way that information is created and shared, it is possible for incorrect or incomplete information to be published online which can put patients at risk. This was pointed out in 2012 survey from Wolters Kluwer Health, 53% of physicians cited misinformed patients as the biggest problem while 78% of physicians said that lack of time is one of the most common challenges for physician-patient communication.

What is more interesting is the fact that, lack of time for physician-patient communication was reported even when half of them surveyed in a Manhattan research used iPads/Tabs in point of care situations involving patients. Actually, Manhattan research found that tablet use, predominately iPad use, among U.S. physicians had doubled in one year with 62% of doctors reporting that they regularly use a tablet for professional purposes.

So on one hand, there exists a patient population which is increasingly misinformed and a Dr community that has adopted smart technologies at a fast pace.

The above gap can be remedied by healthcare providers who need to provide more educational and efficient materials using all forms of media to counteract misleading information.

More on Picvie BizPro and how it helps healthcare professionals in the next blog.

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