Picvie BizPro – In the service of Healthcare Professionals, Part-2

This is Part-2 of the 2-part series.

Picvie BizPro – Introduction

Picvie BizPro is a mobile app (for both iOS & Android) that helps create and view multimedia information packages, the content can be in form of pictures, videos, audios, web links or plain documents (pdfs, ppts and docs).

The product has two components, Picvie Builder (screenshot below) which will be used by the Drs/Hospital/content provider company to build a multimedia package for each disease/disorder and push it to the cloud (private or Google Drive) by using already available Picvie BizPro themes and layouts. This can then be downloaded by all the patients/users onto their Tab/iPad based on their condition.

The patient now carries Picvie Bizpro on his iPad/Tab (screenshot below) with an information package pertinent to his ailment, that explains his/her medical condition in form of a video, image, document or a web link, available treatment options, show before and after videos, share pre and post operative instructions. All this information is coming from a valid source avoiding the need for the patient to reach the internet and hence get misinformed.

Even during the consultation/ward rounds, Drs with Picvie BizPro on their iPads/Tabs can clearly explain illnesses, injuries, procedures, and treatment options with multimedia content and any latest information available online. This facilitates doctor-patient engagement and helps the patient gain a fuller understanding of their medical treatment and any potential complications.

Below are a few scenarios where HCPs can use Picvie BizPro on the iPads/Tabs to increase engagement with the patients and reduce misinformation.

Scenario – 1
Picvie BizPro for Drs – With Picvie BizPro on the Drs iPad/Tab, Dr can explain the illness using a video, shares available course of treatment, informs Do’s and Don’ts, in case of surgeries, before/after pictures, pre- and post-operative instructions, patient testimonials, all this not as a verbal descriptions or even static medical images but as videos, web links, documents and audio files.

Scenario – 2
Picvie BizPro for Patients – Picvie BizPro for a patient can offer self-guided discovery in home/reception particularly for those suffering from chronic disorders (Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypo/Hyper Thyroidism, certain forms of Cancer), pregnancy, cosmetic and elective procedures.
Consider nine months of pregnancy which would be a period of great anxiety, from the bodily changes happening to what to eat, what to avoid, medications to take, their effects, this would be a constant source of the search for would-be mothers. With Picvie BizPro, all this info would be available from an authoritative source in a medium which is easily understandable.

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