Our Mobile and Web applications are trusted by many sales and marketing departments to weave seamless multi-media presentations, healthcare centres to save on prescription cost, government agencies to monitor and update tasks, professionals to score cricket, by users to answer calls when they are busy, and many more.

Here is a sample list of apps we have built from inception to deployment.

Picvie Pic Plus

An innovative app that helps create compelling stories by merging audio, video, images and weblinks.

Picvie BizPro

A mobile app that helps marketing teams create and view multi-media visual aids/brochures.

Photo Book

An app for creating personalized photo book from the folders on the phone or a Tab.


A note taking and reminder app that reminds user of points-for-discussion when the concerned person calls.


A messaging app that automatically responds to a caller when the user is unable to answer the call.


A cricket scoring app, with clean and intuitive design with all possible scoring scenarios accounted for.


An e-governance app designed to help KFD officers monitor and update their work status online/offline.

Karana Kart

An app that unites customers with local stores on one seamless platform, helps customers order groceries, toiletries, fruits and vegetables at a click of a button and helps the store owner to receive order and fulfil it the very next instant.

Fleet Manage

A web based application that helps companies manage their fleet.


A 'Relevant App Discovery and App Review' platform for all medical related apps, built on the iOS platform.


Web-based cost management application that helps health centres to proactively monitor and control overall prescription drug and OTC costs.

Right Scan

A mobile app that allows users to request refills of their medicine by scanning the prescription number.