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We have worked with clients in varied verticals from Security, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecom and Retail. We have built software from scratch, from design to delivery, takenover projects midway and ensured successful completion or just sent some of our expert engineers to work for client teams. We understand the special needs of our clients and built solutions unique to them, in this journey we have learnt enough to build solutions for the whole industry. Our solutions have ensured faster speed of business, secure transactions and greater customer satisfaction. Here is a sample list of customers we continue to work with.

Now part of Fireking USA, is one of the leading companies in the area of cash handling and asset management. It is based out of USA. Pronto Software Solutions developed, maintained and supported business critical applications like Smart Safe Manufacturing Support System, Smart Safe Software Development and Testing, Smart Safe Sales and Service Management, Locksmith Management System and Intelligent Cash Management System.
Sangama app is an e-governance initiative and a brainchild of Mr. Vijay Mohan Raj, IFS, who partnered with Pronto Software Solutions to convert his idea into an application. The app is designed to help forest officers monitor and update their work status online/offline. We were involved in design, development, testing, deployment and supporting the users in ensuring smooth running of the app on their mobiles.
Is a US healthcare company that works with LTC health centers to proactively monitor and control overall prescription drug and OTC costs. We helped them in developing a web-based cost management application that is HIPAA compliant, secure with single log-on and integrates and operates with existing pharmacies & programs.
An Atlanta based company, earlier known as Wandering Wifi, specializing in the area of Enterprise Visibility Platform. Pronto Software Solutions partnered with AwareSoft to build their ODC in Bangalore. We ensured quick setup of their Bangalore based ODC by offering our expertise in issues related to Real Estate, Government, IT infrastructure, HR and Security.
Is a digital video surveillance system which streamlines surveillance practices to help fight all forms of dishonest or inefficient behavior. We helped build new features to existing applications like event triggered recording and notifications. The company is based out of USA.
An US based startup in the area of Privacy Management. We built their India ODC in Bangalore under our Captive ODC services, offering infrastructure and manpower support initially while enabling the early team in hiring, real estate and IT procurement.
Is a Iowa based client, we were involved in development, testing and deployment of their pharmacy app - RightScan. The app was built for the iOS platform, it facilitates transmission of prescription refill from a healthcare facility to the pharmacy.
Is a 'Relevant App Discovery and App Review' platform for all medical related apps, built for the iOS platform. Pronto Software Solutions was involved in UI/UX design, development, testing and deployment of the app. This was built for a US based client.
Built for a US based pharma major, this iOS app captures addresses either by clicking a picture of the address or manually entering the address. We were involved in development, testing and deployment of the app.

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